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The Rainforest Café – London

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, I probably wouldn't go back there. the food was very nice. I would definitely recommend The Rainforest Café if you want a nice, family evening out.

Friday 28th August 2020

Interior Decoration Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Staff Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Food Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

My boyfriends parents very kindly booked The Rainforest Café as a nice family meal out in London. We booked the table for 8pm and luckily got there in time after searching for the restaurant.

DISCLAIMER: The restaurant is located inside the gift shop (hopefully it wasn’t just us that got confused and walked straight past the restaurant)

Anyway, first impressions were, its great! I loved the animal/insect figures on the ceiling and the overall theme is amazing – so good for kids! It really does feel like you’re in a rainforest. The best part about it is, every once in a while there is thunder and lightening and it feels so realistic!

We waited at the bar for around 10 minutes while they got our table ready and then they kindly escorted us. The staff were very nice and accommodating. The only thing that I found difficult was trying to hear the waiters as they had visors on however I thought their cleanliness and adaptation to the current situation was very good so I couldn’t fault that.

I sat at the end of the table which was fine. The only thing I noticed was, the seat I was sitting on was very worn and broken which wasn’t the most appealing thing to sit on. You could see the sponge inside of the chair and I was scared that it was going to get stuck to my dress…so not the best seating experience.

I can’t quite remember what all of us got at the table as there were so many of us, however, my boyfriend and I both got the same thing which I have written below:

  • Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich and chips
  • Two jugs of Sangria

The sangria was delicious and VERY strong – being completely honest, I don’t even know what’s in sangria but I could taste a lot of Prosecco/champagne. In terms of the chicken sandwich, it was nice. I wouldn’t say it blew me away but it was very appetising. It included: Chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, red peppers, lettuce and ‘safari sauce’. The only issue I had was the size of the portions, they were huge! They reminded me very much of the portions that you get in America, very overwhelming. I definitely couldn’t finish all of my food. (if you know me personally, I ALWAYS finish my food)

The waitress that was dealing with our table was helpful, she didn’t really smile much but she was nice – at the end of the night she offered to take a picture of all of us.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, I probably wouldn’t go back there but It is definitely a great place to take little kids! The interior decoration was amazing (apart from the chair) and the food was very nice. I would definitely recommend The Rainforest Café if you want a nice, family evening out.

The Rainforest Café information below:

The Rainforest Café website


    1. I can’t actually remember how much it was now as I didn’t pay for it but I do think it was kind of pricey! Next time I will definitely include the price! 😊


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