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Lower Upnor, Kent

Overall, this was a beautiful walk but I would recommend wearing wellies/boots and because the weather is getting warmer, don't wear a coat as you'll be boiling if you walk up that hill

Friday 19th February 2021

Overall Walk Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

My friend Scarlett and I visited Lower Upnor for a walk to experience somewhere a little different. We also wanted to visit because, for a school trip in year 6, we went to Arethusa Venture Centre and it brought back so many memories!

To start with, the walk was lovely. We went up the hill in the woods (which is beautiful by the way!) and we walked all the way round. The hill is pretty steep so if you’re looking for a more chilled out walk then this probably isn’t the one for you…unless you avoid the hill of course!

We then faced a problem as Scarlett was only wearing trainers and it was EXTREMELY muddy. I think a pipe had burst in the field and the mud was completely wet, slippery and very hard to walk in. To add to the stress, I wore a white fur coat which was giving me anxiety as I kept slipping and I was so sure that I would go bum first in the mud. Scarlett slipped a couple of times but luckily she didn’t fall over because I wouldn’t have ever let her live that down.

Once we slowly traipsed through the mud, we finally met some concrete and made our way down to the river where all of the boats were docked. This is a beautiful spot to go if you want to have a quick rest and sit down for a little bit. The views are beautiful and we were lucky enough to have a sunny day which made it even better!

You can walk very far next to the river however we decided not too as we had already walked quite a way through the woods. There is a lovely pub where you can get some well deserved food and drink after you walk called The Ship Tavern. They are doing takeaway everyday apart from Monday’s!

Overall, this was a beautiful walk but I would recommend wearing wellies/boots and, because the weather is getting warmer, don’t wear a coat as you’ll be boiling if you walk up that hill (coming from experience…)


  1. The looks like a lovely walk as long as you prepare as you’ve indicated! I love when there is a pub to treat yourself after the walk! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I always wear boots now because I made that mistake once of wearing trainers and it being extremely muddy 😂 this looks lovely, I love hiking/going on long walks and it’s nice it holds memories for you x

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