Point A Hotels – Liverpool Street: London

reditch! It is also a great hotel if you need to stay in London for work but don't actually have an office and finally, it's very affordable!

Tuesday 19th October 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I booked Point A Hotels for an evening after hearing about them through my job – we worked closely with them on some promotion and aI heard such great things, so I had to try it for myself!

This chain of hotels is made for the modern home worker. With a large open plan work environment downstairs, lovely, contemporary seating and a great breakfast bar, you can’t really ask for anything more!

Before I go into anymore detail, the price is incredible. I stayed in the Liverpool Street branch which has a cost of just over £60 which I think is great, especially for London! Point A Hotels have also just launched the ‘A LIST’ which I will break it down for you below:

A LIST: Gives you 10% off when you sign up to their website.

A LIST Traveller: £99 per year – 20% off all bookings, discounts with local partners, early check in/late check out, free breakfast.

A LIST Explorer: £1200 per month – stay up to 21 nights per month, free breakfast, reserved workspace, early check in/check out, free tea/coffee and discounts with partners.

On first glance, the rooms are a little small however they have everything you could need and more. Despite the size of the room, the decor is very modern and it feels very cozy. I particularly like the seal on the door which was there before I arrived. This shows all new guests that the room has been cleaned and if the seal is broken then it has been used.

My all time favourite part about the room (because I love a gadget) was the on-wall remote with controllable LED lights! This was a very nice touch and I loved the fact that I could control the colour of the lights myself, depending on my mood of course.

Finally, the staff at Point A Hotels were very polite, attentive and never took a smile off their faces. My friends key card broke for her room so we took it back to reception and they were very happy to help straight away which I thought was great. Check in and check out was also very pain free.

Overall, this is a fab hotel, especially if you are planning a night out in Shoreditch! It is also a great hotel if you need to stay in London for work but don’t actually have an office and finally, it’s very affordable!

Point A Hotels Information below:

Point A Hotels website

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