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Carluccios, Bluewater – Kent

Find out all about my experience at Carluccios in Bluewater Shopping Centre!

Saturday 16th July 2022

I visited Carluccios for a long overdue catch up with my friend Kallie. I have wanted to go here for a while as I love Italian food but I must admit it wasn’t the best restaurant I have ever eaten at.

To begin, we waited at the podium to be seated and two of the staff were stood at the bar and didn’t come over for about 5 minutes even though we could see they weren’t doing anything. We were then seated and we had a waiter that was quite moody and short with us.

It took the staff quite a while to come over and take our drinks orders which wasn’t great as I could see that they weren’t busy but when we finally ordered drinks and food, it didn’t take too long to arrive. I ordered a Spaghetti Carbonara (£12.50) and Kallie ordered a Margherita Pizza (£11.50).

My pasta was lovely and had lots of flavour and I was very happy with it. Kallie’s pizza was lovely but was very tough and hard to cut into which was quite annoying and it resulted in her not finishing it as it was just really awkward to eat – she did however mention that it tasted nice (but not the best)

Overall, the restaurant was mediocre. I probably wouldn’t go back there as I have been to better Italian restaurants before that are quicker and have better service.

Carluccios information below:

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